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Custom Wall Quotes and Designs by Modern Vector

Vinyl Decals are modern, stylish and a super affordable way to express your personality in your home, office, nursery, or anywhere you want. You get the same look of hand painted murals, except don't pay nearly as much and do it yourself. It's fun and easy! It will last years without damaging the surface you apply it to

Modern Vector wall vinyl decals are available in a large selection different styles and categories. Choose from setting the tone in your Family Room with inspirational quotes, fun and uplifting designs or quotes for your Office, even creating a theme for your nursery!

We like to call our vinyl selection Sticky Imaginations, because if you can think it, we can cut it! Email us about that custom design you're thinking of for the focal point in your room!

Being a Brother-brother, siblings, superhero
Being a Brother
Wayne Gretzky 100%-Wayne Gretzky, Hockey, Sport,
Wayne Gretzky 100%
Proverbs 3125-Religious, Proverbs, She is clothed, Strength, girl, nursery
Proverbs 3125
Life is not measured-life, breath, inspirational
Life is not measured
Winnie the Pooh - Smallest things-winnie the pooh, christopher robin, Smallest things, heart
Winnie the Pooh - Smallest things
Princess Scroll Name-Princess, Crown, Girl, Scroll, Custom
Princess Scroll Name
Winnie the Pooh - Live to 100-winnie the pooh, christopher robin,
Winnie the Pooh - Live to 100
John Wayne - Courage-John Wayne, Courage, Cowboy, Cowgirl
John Wayne - Courage
Personalized Harry Potter inspired Name with Wand-harry potter, wand, magic, wizard, sorcerer, death eaters, hermione, ron weasley, dobby
Personalized Harry Potter inspired Name with Wand
Monogram Personalized Boys Name with Graphic-Monogram, Personalize, Personalized, Boy, Girl, Custom Name, Custom Letter, Race car, train, airplane, football, baseball, soccor, sport
Monogram Personalized Boys Name with Graphic
First we had each other-First we had each other, Baby, Nursery
First we had each other
Circle Monogram Name-circle monogram, personalized name
Circle Monogram Name
Marilyn Monroe - Chanel No.5-Marilyn monroe, bed, chanel
Marilyn Monroe - Chanel No.5
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-twinkle, star, nursery, loved
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Taylor Swift - Smile-Taylor Swift, Girl, Smile
Taylor Swift - Smile